Detroit Area’s BEST 1 Day Michigan Concealed Carry CCW / CPL Class!

CCW-AD-SpecialTake your
Michigan Concealed Carry Class
from the leader in CCW/CPL training!
You won’t find a better class anywhere!!



Click here for more information on our CCW/CPL Renewal class. It is not required by law, but it certainly can’t hurt!

Our Upcoming Class dates are:

Saturday, October 4, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, October 11, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, October 18, 2014 – 1 Day Class
Sunday, October 19, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, October 25, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, November 1, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, November 8, 2014 – 1 Day Class
Sunday, November 9, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, November 15, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Saturday, November 22, 2014 – 1 Day Class
Sunday, November 23, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Friday, November 28, 2014 – 1 Day Class
Saturday, November 29, 2014 – 1 Day Class

Click this link to sign up to attend our Michigan CCW / CPL Class!  We hope to see you soon!  

We host our classes at the Detroit Arms Training Facility located at 31733 23 Mile, Chesterfield, MI  48047 – on 23 Mile, two miles east of I-94 – north side of the road.

The actual shooting portion of our classes is held the same day at Brown Bear Indoor Range located on Gratiot, just south of 21 Mile Road in Chesterfield, MI where we use ACTUAL guns with ACTUAL ammo on an ACTUAL RANGE! Unlike many other classes in the area.

We have exclusive use of the range during this time so there are no interruptions to our teaching!

The class fee for all of our one day classes includes all classroom materials, a hot meal with pizza & chicken, salad & more, beverages & snacks, as well as indoor range time and free gun rental!  

You do not need to use our guns (9mm, .38 or .40) you are more than welcome to use your own gun and ammo – you will need 1 box of 50 rounds of ammo to complete the course. If you bring your own gun, please leave it in your car until we go to the range to shoot.

If you are using a rental gun, you will be required to purchase ammo at the range – this will run you an additional $18.00.  Eye and ear protection is always provided, at no additional charge.

Our Saturday classes begin at 10:00 a.m. and run until approximately 7:00 p.m.
Our Weekday & Sunday classes begin at Noon and run until approximately 9:00 p.m.

Click here
to sign up for the 1-Day 8-Hour Course!

Please note that this is not a gun training class for beginners.  If you are considering a concealed pistol license, it is in your best interest to have had some handgun experience before taking this course.   Those who take the class with no prior handgun experience may be asked to come back at a later date to complete the shooting portion, if they prove themselves inadequate on the range.  There is no additional charge to shoot at a later date – a future range date will be scheduled after the student has received further experience or training in order to be proficient with a handgun on the range.  This is for the safety of our instructors as well as all of our students.

**Note:  If you have a coupon for this class, you MUST use it when registering – place the valid coupon code in the coupon code box upon checkout.  Coupons will NOT be honored after the fact.

Get more information and sign up for our Michigan CCW / CPL Class here!


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FFL Transfer Services STILL AVAILABLE Until 10/31/14!!

Yes, it’s true!  We are still processing FFL Transfers until the end of October!

It just so happens that our move in date to the new facility has been delayed, so we will continue to do “business as usual” at the current Detroit Arms facility!

At a paltry $25.00 per item transferred in – the race to buy some truly cool gear for this hunting season should be ON!

Let me know if you need a copy of my FFL sent to your seller – drop me an email at with the email address of the seller and I’ll have it on the way in no time!

Hope to see you all soon!!

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Applying for “Exempt” Status of your CPL

Currently, most Michigan Concealed Pistol holders are ineligible to apply for “Exempt” status. Here’s the story.

SB 213 is the bill number for the newly re-introduced version of vetoed SB 59 – the bill that originally offered options for “exempt” concealed carry, with addition training.

Along with a number of other positive changes, this revised bill would:

  • Eliminate County Gun Boards and move their responsibility to the Michigan State Police. The task of accepting the application and printing the CPL would remain with your county clerk.
  • Reduce the price to get a CPL from $105 to $90. For first time issuance, finger printing is still required and a police agency may charge you an additional fee (on top of the $90) of up to $15 in order to finger print you. Renewal CPL applications would not require a fingerprinting, thus saving you $15 compared to the status quo.
  • Repeal Several of the Pistol Free Zones found in MCL 28.425o outright (No compromising open Carry, no additional training). Zones being repealed include: (b) public/private daycare or public/private child placement agency, (c) sports arena or stadium, (d) a bar or tavern, (f) an “entertainment facility” where the seating capacity is over 2,500 people, (h) a dorm or classroom of a community college, college, or university. No additional training would be required to carry there.

Remaining pistol free zones (schools, churches, hospitals) would have an “opt-in” ability similar to what churches have right now — this would allow the people in charge of these facilities to allow conceal carry on their premises. Currently schools and hospitals cannot even grant permission to someone to carry concealed on their premises.

The bill, like its predecessor (SB59), seeks to streamline the permit process and eliminate “gun-free zones” by allowing individuals who receive extra training to carry concealed pistols into areas currently forbidden by Michigan law, including sports stadiums, bars and entertainment facilities.

For those of you wondering whatever became of SB59 – the original exemption bill – it was vetoed by Governor Snyder as it appeared on his desk the morning of the Sandy Hook shooting.

This “new” legislation, filed in February 2013, says that schools, churches and hospitals would be able to set their own policy, with a superintendent or administrator deciding whether to allow concealed weapons on their premises.

In June of 2014 the House and Senate gave final approval to another Concealed Carry Permit related bill – SB 789 – this new legislation and they are headed to the Governor’s desk for final approval. Senate Bill 789 would require the Michigan State Police to take responsibility for background investigations currently overseen by county boards and require county clerks to respond to any application within 45 days after fingerprints are taken. It would also lower the CPL application fee from $105 to $90.

As of this writing, SB 213 – the “exemption” bill, is still in introduction status. Neither the House nor Senate have made any move to forward this bill.

Currently, the only individuals who are able to apply for Exemption from Pistol Free Zones are individuals who are a retired police officer, retired law enforcement officer and/or an individual who is a state certified private investigator.

All other individuals who wish to apply for and recieve an Exempt status on their Michigan Concealed Carry License must wait for Michigan SB 213 to pass the House and Senate, as well as get signed into law by Governor Snyder. It’s going to be a while….trust me.

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Pistol Simulator Training Now Available!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.19.17 PM

Previously only available to Government and law enforcement, the Interactive firearms training simulator effectively reinforces marksmanship skills, judgmental shoot/don’t shoot training objectives, defensive carry skills, and general weapons familiarization skills. 

The simulations includes both marksmanship training and branching shot-no-shoot video training scenarios. The system also gives immediate shot analysis.

Now Detroit Arms Concealed Pistol License Holders can benefit from the training system like federal and local law enforcement agencies.


Detroit Arms, in conjunction with Defensive Shooting Solutions, is proud to announce an Advanced Concealed Carry and Personal Defense Training Session. This four hour course is open to ALL CPL holders and is only $100.00 per person – you must pre-register and pre-pay to attend.

Sign up now by visiting this link:

Seats are limited – classes are scheduled for Saturday, September 20th and Saturday, October 18th. They run from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Defensive Shooting Solutions campus in Royal Oak, MI. We will also host a class in November (date pending/most likely 11/15) Private 3 hour courses are also available.

You will forget you are in a simulator! This class is guaranteed to change your thoughts and edify your confidence and skill level in handling real life situations. I highly recommend you sign up today!

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Handgun Retention Class! A MUST for Every CCW/CPL Holder!

$ 75.00 Per Person

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

 If you carry concealed with the intent of using a gun to defend yourself, the last thing you want to happen is for it to be taken away and used against you.

As a concealed carry weapon owner, you must know how to retain control of your gun at all times.

Learn to protect and keep your weapon safe and in your possession, while in its normal carry position, during an assault or physical confrontation, or after you have drawn it during an encounter.

Topics Covered:
- Mental Preparation & Awareness
– Universal Protection (Initial response to aggression)
– Holstered Weapon Retention
– Un-Holstered Weapon Retention
– Disengagement and Follow-up Considerations
– Alternative Force Options (OC Pepper Spray)
– Deadly Force Decision Making

- If you have a weapon and a concealed holster please bring them with you to the class. NO LIVE AMMO PLEASE. If do you do not, we will supply the equipment and provide information you can use to properly select the appropriate rig for you.

Dress in comfortable street clothes and shoes for each of the classes. Please dress in the type of attire that you would normally wear while carrying your weapon.

While many firearm courses assume that presenting or firing a gun will instantly stop a threat, experience shows that there is a good chance you will end up grappling with your attacker. In fact, criminals often attack without warning, delivering a sudden sucker punch or taking you to the ground before you can deploy your weapon.

You do NOT need martial arts training for this course. The techniques are simple and effective, regardless of the size or strength of the attacker.

You must pre-register and pre-pay in order to attend.  

Register at

Class is taught by an active duty police officer, certified in Handgun & Weapon Retention techniques and training.   He is also a certified NRA and MCOLES instructor.


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Buyer Beware – Not all CCW/CPL Classes Are The Same!

In case you were wondering…..
Each week we work hard to promote and fill our 1-Day 8-Hour MI CCW/CPL Class at Detroit Arms.

In doing so we routinely come up against other instructors who offer the Michigan CCW/CPL Class in a “compressed format” and sometimes for less money. People are attracted to these classes because they are able get in and out of the class in considerably less than 8 hours, sometimes without even shooting at the range.

Today we learned from a customer who came in to process a gun transfer, the he had taken a class from an instructor who did not follow the law as prescribed by the State of Michigan and that this instructor is currently being prosecuted by the State, and ALL OF HIS STUDENTS HAVE HAD THEIR APPLICATIONS FOR A CCW/CPL DENIED. He was one of them. Now, all these individuals need to pay for and take the class AGAIN, from a law abiding company in order to re-apply!

How much time and money have they saved now? ZERO.

If you have taken a Michigan CCW/CPL Class and that class was less then the STATE MANDATED 8 hour course, you’ve broken the law.  So has the instructor, in fact the instructor has committed a felony by signing their name to a certificate with your name on it.

Thinking of taking a class – take it from Detroit Arms. We offer THE BEST CLASS MONEY CAN BUY. We guarantee it. We do them every weekend – what are you waiting for?

Thank you to all of you who have trusted Detroit Arms to be your trainer of choice.  For those of you looking for a trainer, buyer beware.

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Our Michigan Concealed Carry Class Cancellation Policy – Why We Have One

At Detroit Arms, we host a Michigan Concealed Carry class every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year.  We also host classes on select weekdays as well.

In order to properly serve our client base, we find it necessary to have a Class Cancellation Policy that requires our students to give us a 48 hour notice if they are unable to attend a class they have registered for.

We are more than happy to accommodate you in a future class if it becomes apparent that you are not going to be able to attend the class you had originally signed up for.

HOWEVER, students who are “no shows” or do not offer us the courtesy of a 48 hour notice, prior to the date of their class, to let us know they will not be in attendance, are subject to forfeiture of their tuition fee for the class.

Our classroom is limited to a maximum of 30 students per class.  The majority of those students are first time attendees, coming to our class so they may apply for their Michigan Concealed Carry License.

In addition, a number of our students are renewal students who are with us for a short time during the day – 3 or so hours to be exact, in order to fulfill the state requirement for renewing their existing license.

Some of the seats are occupied by former students who are sitting in for personal review – yes, any one of our students is able to come by for a refresher at ANY TIME, at no cost.

A number of our seats are occupied by family members of current class students – these individuals are former students who are now attending the class with a family member – they are there in a moral support capacity.  Yes, as a former student you may do this as well, at no charge, at any time.  Just let us know you wish to attend.

Any way you look at it, I can only comfortably accommodate a maximum of 30 people per day for our Michigan Concealed Carry class.

In order to provide our students with the absolute best class in the state of Michigan, and to ensure their comfort during the day, we close off registration for a class when we reach our 30 student limit.  We do this to ensure that we have a seat available for each and every student who has registered for our class.

When a student calls the day of the class to cancel, we have now lost the ability to sell that seat to another student who may have been interested in taking a class that day.  With proper notice, I would have been able to move your registration to another day and then may have offered your now vacant seat to another paying customer.  We are not “double dipping” as you are now occupying a seat in a future class.  My goal is to fill every seat, every day, when possible.

When you sign up for our Concealed Carry Class, you have purchased one of a limited number of available seats for this class.

Just as you do when you plan to attend a concert, or a sporting event, there are only a certain number of seats available to be filled.  If you don’t show for a Tigers game on date shown on your ticket, that ticket is not honored at a future date.  Our class is no different.

We understand that true emergencies happen – putting you in a position where you simply can not attend our class on your assigned date.   Unlike Kid Rock, the Detroit Lions, Red Wings and Tigers, we will do our best to accommodate those situations by offering you a seat in an upcoming class.

Therefore, before you consider not showing on the date you have committed to, please take into consideration all of the above.

Our students deserve the best experience possible.  Thank you for considering Detroit Arms for your Michigan Concealed Carry training.  We are honored to be of service.  Thank you.

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As You Shop Around Town as a CCW/CPL Holder……

Certain businesses in Michigan have posted “No-Guns” signs indicating that persons lawfully licensed to carry concealed firearms for self defense are not welcome on their property or within their place of business.

Those are the places I don’t patronize.

Check to see if you do……Click Here:  MCRGO

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Waiting for your CCW/CPL License in Macomb County?

Did you know that as a Macomb County resident you can check the progress of your CCW/CPL permit process online?

Go to:

Enter your Web User ID:  firstnamelastname (all one word, all lower case)
Enter your Password:  04111966222  (Month-Day-Year of your Birthdate & Last 3 digits of your Drivers License)

Questions?  Give the Macomb County Gun Board a call at 586-469-5749

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