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How To Get A Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CCW / CPL)

The first step in obtaining your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is taking an accredited class.  

Detroit Arms offers this training every week!  

Before you sign up for a class, please take a moment to make sure you qualify.  There are a number things that could disqualify you from being able to obtain a permit.  You can find the details here on the Michigan State Police website.

Michigan is a “shall issue” state – meaning, as long as you qualify from a personal record standpoint, you will be issued a license to concealed carry.

If you have EVER been convicted of a felony, or have felony charges pending in Michigan or any other state, please understand that this not only means that you may not take the course, but you may not own a handgun or ammo, or live in a household that contains a firearm.  The only way around this is to have the felony expunged from your record – you will need an attorney to do so.

Furthermore, if you hold a Michigan Marijuana Card as a user, you will not qualify for a concealed carry license.  The reason is that according to FEDERAL law, the use of marijuana is unlawful, regardless of what Michigan state law says.

That being said, the steps are as follows:

  1. Take the 1-Day 8-Hour Michigan Concealed Carry Class at Detroit Arms.
  2. Upon completion of the class you must submit your paperwork to the county clerk in the county that you live in.  You will be provided a list of offices at the time of class.  Many county clerk offices request that you turn in this paperwork within 6 months of having taken a class.
    • You will turn in the Application you received in class.
    • $115.00 filing fee
    • Your certificate of completion that you received at the end of class.
  3. Once you have turned your paperwork in at the county clerk, you will need to provide electronic fingerprints.NOTE:  If you have not provided your fingerprints to the Michigan State Police within 5 days of applying for your license, your application will be automatically DENIED.  You will lose your $115 application fee, and you will not be able to reapply for your license until the next calendar year.

Once you have properly applied and supplied fingerprints, you will receive your Michigan Concealed Pistol License In approximately 30-60 days in the mail.


If you have any questions about obtaining a Michigan Concealed Carry License, please feel free to contact Detroit Arms anytime at 586-598-5300 or via email at sales@detroitarms.com.

“What is the difference between a CCW license and a CPL license?”  You ask…..the name CCW License was the old term for a pistol carry license.  It was called a Concealed Carry Weapon license.  Problem being that people were carrying items other than a pistol with the idea that their license made it legal.  It did not.

They changed the license to CPL meaning Concealed Pistol License, to make sure people understood that the license was for the concealment of a pistol.

The terms are used interchangeably in the industry.

Interested in taking our 1-Day 8-Hour Concealed Carry Class?  Register here!

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