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PRIVATE MI Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Class

PrivateCPLMaybe your schedule doesn’t allow the time needed for you to come to one of our regularly scheduled classes. Many people work weekends. We understand that.

Perhaps you just don’t like learning in a group setting and would rather do it without the distraction of others.

It may just be that you don’t have time to commit to one day for eight hours and would like to schedule two days, for four hours each, that work for you.

Our “Private” Michigan Concealed Carry CCW/CPL classes can be one-on-one training, a couple, or group of your own.

Includes training from an NRA Certified Instructor, all classroom materials, indoor range time, snacks and beverages as well as the use of a gun, if needed.

All handgun ammunition for this class must be purchased at Brown Bear Indoor Shooting Range the day of class.  You should be prepared to purchase 1 box of 50 rounds in order to complete the shooting portion of class.  Use of our guns is free – ammo will run approx. $15.00.

Click Here to pay online and then contact us at 586-598-5300 to schedule the dates and times that work for you.

Instructors for private training are available Monday – Friday (no private classes on the weekends, as we already have group classes)  to suit your needs. Just say when!

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