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Michigan CCW/CPL Classes
at Detroit Arms

“One of Detroit’s Most Popular Concealed Carry Classes!…”

Detroit Arms, LLC, located in Chesterfield Twp., MI,  has become one of the most popular Concealed carry classes in the Metro Detroit Michigan area.  Our classes fill almost entirely by word of mouth from referrals from our previous students.

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Detroit Arms, LLC provides the Michigan CCW/CPL Class (now known simply as a CPL Class)  Michigan concealed pistol license (CCW) course  in our classroom located at 31733 23 Mile Road, Chesterfield, MI 48047.  Our instructors are NRA certified.



We provide coffee, Coke products and bottled water, home made cookies and a full hot lunch or dinner featuring Buscemi’s Pizza, Antipasto Salad, Chicken Shack chicken and broasted potatoes (come hungry!)  Our live fire shooting portion of the class is held at Brown Bear Indoor Range in Chesterfield, MI immediately following the classroom portion of our class!

Saturday classes run from 10:00 a.m. until approx. 7:00 p.m.  Our Sunday and Weekday classes run from Noon until approx. 9:00 p.m.

You may bring your own gun and ammo- you’ll need 1 box of 50 rounds (ammo much be range safe – no steel case, steel core or aluminum cased ammo), or you may use our gun (typically a Glock 19 9mm) and purchase ammo at the range – $18.00.

If you have any questions, call us at 586-598-5300 or contact us via email at sales@detroitarms.com!

Note:  We also offer Michigan CCW / CPL renewal classes!

Please make sure you qualify for receiving a CCW/CPL License BEFORE you register to take our class – there are some situations that will preclude you from receiving your license from the state.  You can check those at the Michigan State Police website.

Your class fee is due prior to the class in order to secure your reservation.  This fee is non-refundable, and will be issued as credit for a future class if you find you are unable to attend the class you registered for initially.  This courtesy may not apply for no-shows, so please give at least 48 hours notice if unable to attend.

Our CCW/CPL Class instructors are NRA Certified Instructors, and a number of them also hold MCOLES Certifications (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) as they are active duty police officers who currently teach at the Macomb Police Academy, in addition to their NRA Instructors license.

The Michigan CCW / CPL Class provided by Detroit Arms meets the criteria for ALL counties in the state of Michigan – this includes Macomb County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Wayne County, St. Clair County, Gennessee County and more!


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  1. Doreen,

    I enjoyed the class on Aug. 29th & the mostaccoli was good!

    I went to the Macomb County Clerk on Tuesday and got the fingerprinting done also, but I wanted to let you know that the County Clerk lady said that the photo I had done at CVS might not be accepted by the gun board and my CPL might get delayed due to it; the gun board might call and have me re-do the picture; I guess CVS pictures are too big for the allotted space on the license.

    I would suggest that everyone just get their picture taken at the county clerk in Macomb County, its only $15 and at least there will be no worries about a possible delay since the picture size is correct coming from them.

    Also, the County Clerk told me the wait for CPL gun board meeting is now 4-5 months, not three.

    1. Thanks for the information Karen!

      We’ve been keeping track of our former students just to get an idea of how long the process is taking, so far it’s been 90 days almost exactly, but perhaps they’ve had a surge of applications and are expecting a delay. Good information to know, thank you!!

      Let us know when that baby comes!!

      1. Doreen,

        I received my gun board letter for macomb county and I go in front of them Oct 22nd, so it did not take as long as the county originally told me. Aug 29-Oct 22 isnt that long.

        PS. The baby came on 9/10.

  2. Doreen,

    Throughly enjoyed the class (and definately the food). Already found a few of my brothers that will at some point be coming to see you and also did some word of mouth advertising to regular civilians. Thanks a million! All of you guys at Detroit Arms are utterly awesome, great personalities, friendly family enviroment and great information. I still need to come up there and check with D about that shoulder holster he was going to look into for me. I’ll keep you guys posted to roughly how long it takes for me to hear from the gun board.

    ~Mad Max

  3. Me and Cathy thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thanks for accommodating me with my broken leg. It took about 50 days to get our licenses after putting in the paperwork.

  4. my wife and i enjoyed your class this last weekend we had a great time and the lunch was an extra bonus…youand your staff was very helpfull and polite….thanks for taking good care of us.

  5. thank you Doreen
    your cpl. class on 1/23/11 was great.
    I went to the clerks office on jan. 25
    I will let you know how long it takes.
    thanks again.

  6. I took your class on January 23rd, when I was home on leave. It is an awesome class, and I would recommend to anyone interested to take it. I also wanted to let you that my CPL took less than 60 days from start to finish. I look forward to purchasing my wife’s pistol from you when I get home in the Fall.

  7. Would just like to say, you folks are the best. The CPL class was professional and Officer Smitty was great! It was almost 4 weeks to the day from submission of the application to getting my CPL license. You guys always make me feel like family—no joke or hype.

    Side note: While you are checking out the status of your CPL application on the Macomb website, you can view a video of what your gun review board interview will be like. Just click on the link located on the right side of the Concealed Weapons page.

  8. I just wanted to say THANKS for a great CPL course this past week. All involved were great. Anyone considering taking it should stop thinking, and sign right up!

  9. Thank you for the great class and the great food. I was pretty nervous about sitting through a class that long. I expected it to be mostly stuff I already know but it wasn’t. It was mostly interesting and totally informational. I am glad I took the steps to get my CPL after talking about it for years. I’ll let you know when mine gets here. I am in Oakland County so it’ll be good information for the people who aren’t local to you. I submitted all my stuff on Weds. January 11th. in case I forget when I update later.

  10. This was the best class ive been in cents high school, if you haven’t took a class yet detroit Arms is the one you want to go to, thanks brian.

  11. thought your class was very good , wanted to let you know oakland county said 6 to 8 weeks for cpl license i recieved it in 7 weeks, picture was taken at your class and was fine for license

  12. Thank you Doreen and Brian for a informative class to provide the necessary information to obtain our CPL’s. Class was comfortable, Brian answered all our questions, provided us with a ton important info and we had a fun time as well. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone. Definitely be back for the advanced class. thanks again

  13. Applied for my CPL on April 30th and received it yesterday at the gun board in macomb county (7/25/14). So I was 5 days short of three months.


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