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TRAINING – KeySlingers! Self Defense Training

Keyslinger DeviceLearn to Sling Your Keys in Self Defense with a KeySlinger.

Detroit Arms has partnered with the self defense experts at Beating Disaster to bring you KeySlingers!

A KeySlinger is a key chain that enables the holder to use keys as a devastatingly effective tool for self defense.

This is perfect for teenagers, students, seniors – men or women of ANY fitness or skill level – and offers an immediate and substantial increase in safety with proper use.

A KeySlinger, unlike a firearm or pepper spray, can be taken literally ANYWHERE! No restrictions! It’s not harmful if found by little ones, and is incredibly effective in keeping you safe.

When you join this unique 2-Hour self defense class you will receive your very own KeySlinger and complete training in it’s use.

The cost of this self defense class is only $35 per person. You must pre-register in order to attend.


Class is held at Detroit Arms, 31733 23 Mile, Chesterfield, MI 48047 Questions? Call us at 586-598-5300

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