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Benefits of taking a Michigan Concealed Carry CCW / CPL Class

July 30, 20233 min read

As a gun owner, taking a firearm training class is of paramount importance for many reasons.  


Even if you never intend to carry a firearm concealed, taking a Michigan Concealed Carry Class and responsible gun ownership goes hand-in-hand with proper education and training.


Here are some key reasons why taking a Michigan Concealed Carry CCW / CPL Class with Detroit Arms is beneficial:

  1. Safety: Firearm training classes emphasize safety above all else. You'll learn how to handle, store, and transport firearms safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to yourself and others. Understanding the fundamental rules of gun safety is crucial for any gun owner.

  2. Legal Knowledge: Firearm laws can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another, and it's essential to be aware of and abide by the laws and regulations related to firearms in your area. At Detroit Arms we cover the legal aspects of gun ownership and use, ensuring you remain compliant with the law.  Do you know the laws regarding self-defense in Michigan?  If and when it’s legal?  We cover all that and more.

  3. Marksmanship: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter, we can help improve your marksmanship skills. Proper techniques for aiming, breathing, trigger control, and stance are covered in our class, enhancing your ability to hit targets accurately.

  4. Confidence and Competence: Familiarity and competence with your firearm breed confidence. Understanding how your gun works and how to use it effectively can significantly boost your self-assurance as a gun owner.

  5. Crisis Management: In a high-stress situation, such as a home invasion or self-defense scenario, your ability to handle your firearm properly is critical. We work with you to create a safety plan.  You will not rise to the occasion – proper planning and training is key to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

  6. Preventing Accidental Discharge: Accidental discharges can lead to tragic consequences. Proper firearm training will teach you how to avoid unintentional firing and what to do if you encounter a malfunction.

  7. Understanding Ammunition: Different firearms use various types of ammunition. Understanding the appropriate ammunition for your firearm is essential for safety and optimal performance.

  8. Responsible Storage: A critical aspect of responsible gun ownership is storing your firearms securely to prevent unauthorized access, especially if there are children in the household. Our Michigan Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Class and FREE Introduction to Handguns classes both highlight the importance of safe storage practices.

  9. Continued Learning: Firearms and related technologies can evolve over time. By attending training classes, you stay informed about the latest best practices, techniques, and safety protocols.

  10. Knowing HOW to call 911:  Everything you say can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.  We teach you how to properly navigate a self-defense situation, right down to calling 911.  It’s the little things that will trip you up.  Know what to do and how to do it.


Remember, owning a firearm comes with significant responsibilities. Being a responsible gun owner means continuously seeking education, training, and staying updated on laws and safety measures. Taking a firearm training class is a proactive step towards ensuring that you use your firearm safely and effectively.


Call us at 586-598-5300 and ask how to take our Michigan CPL Class for as little as $50.00!! 


The Detroit Arms Michigan Concealed Carry  Class is valid for ALL counties in the state of Michigan and your Michigan CPL License is valid in 39 states!!


Get training from Metro Detroit’s Michigan CPL Professionals – Detroit Arms, training folks just like you since 2007.

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