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NEW!! Detroit Arms $50 “Plus One!” Seats for Michigan CPL Classes



$50 Plus One SeatSit & Learn – Are you are attending a Michigan CPL Class at Detroit Arms, and you have someone that you would like to attend the Detroit Arms Michigan CPL Class with you, but doesn’t necessarily want to get a CPL…..this is the seat for them!

Perfect for your spouse, family member or friend – bring them with you to the class so they can hear everything you hear, learn what you learn and see what you see!  

They’ll learn the ins and outs of gun ownership, the Michigan firearm laws and rules for using a firearm for self protection, shooting fundamentals and more!

If they decide they want to complete the class – meaning, join us on the range that day to qualify for certification – they can pay an additional $49.00 fee and complete the class that same day!

If they decide they do not wish to complete the class – meaning they do not fire on the shooting range in order to receive a certificate of completion, allowing them to apply for a Michigan CPL, their seat is only the $50 you’ve already paid.

It’s a win-win for those who want to be “in the know”.  All “Plus One” attendees must be accompanying a full day student. 

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