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Open Carry is LEGAL in Michigan!!

YES! You can carry a gun, open carry, without a concealed carry license – as long as you are 18 years of age or older and have a gun that is legally registered to you. Seem unbelievable to you? Well, it’s not.

Every day I get calls at Detroit Arms asking this very question and people are shocked to learn this truth.

Furthermore, people ask me if we teach a class on Open Carry. Sadly we do not.


Let me tell you something.

I’ve had my fair share of run in’s with individuals highly involved with the Michigan Open Carry folk – if Detroit Arms were to host a class on Open Carry they’d be on me like white on rice (not that they already aren’t) – shooting holes in my “motive” for wanting to educate the public on Open Carry.  Trust me – history is a great teacher.  Those who choose to ignore it are forced to relive it.

So, in an effort to avoid the inevitable confrontation, I simply hand out their brochure to every single person who asks, and I shut my mouth. The shutting my mouth is the hardest part. LOL

For those of you interested – you can find a copy of the Michigan Open Carry brochure – click the link below.



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