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You came to the right place! We have classes for every level of firearm experience - from novice to skilled!

This is your FIRST STEP toward obtaining your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CCW/CPL) Done online from the comfort of your home on ANY internet connected device (computer, tablet, cell phone) this is the first 5 hours of our 8 Hour course. No camera or microphone required - just log on and chat to follow along! Classes held every week.


A gift certificate to the Detroit Arms Michigan Concealed Carry Pistol License CCW/CPL Class makes a great gift! Valid for ANY upcoming CPL Class!

$99 Michigan CPL Class

Upcoming Schedule for CPL Classes

$50 Michigan CPL Renewal Class

Upcoming Schedule for CPL Renewal Classes

$14.99 Michigan CPL Renewal Self-Study Guide

Too busy to take an actual renewal class? You are required to do a 3-Hour review of training prior to renewing your license - you are not required to take a class - you can self study. This 65 page E-book contains everything you need to know, and more! Delivered immediately to your inbox!

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