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How Often Do You Have Classes?

Detroit Arms hosts Michigan Concealed Carry classes every week.

You must pre-register for our class in order to attend, as they often sell out.  You may pre-register at www.DetroitArms.


What are the requirements to get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License?

An applicant for a Michigan CPL must:

1. Be at least 21 years of age.

2. Be a citizen of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted into the United States.

3. Be a legal resident of Michigan and reside in Michigan for at least six months immediately prior to application.

IN ADDITION – there are situations where you may NOT qualify for a concealed carry pistol license.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are able to meet all requirements prior to applying for your license.  We recommend you read all requirements PRIOR to taking a class.  You can find a complete list of requirements by following this link.

I have had a felony in the past.  Can I get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License?

You will not qualify for a Michigan Concealed Pistol license if you have a “pending” felony charge or felony conviction felony on your record.

Felonies do NOT fall off your record – a felony is forever.  You may be eligible to have the felony on your record expunged – which will then make it possible for you to apply for and receive a license.  You will need to work with an attorney to have this done.

I am 20 years old and turn 21 in just a few months – can I take this class?

Yes, you may take the class up to 6 months prior to your 21st birthday.  You may not apply for a license until you have officially turned 21 years of age.

I am under 21 years old but a single parent – do I qualify?

No.  You must be 21 years of age in order to apply and receive a concealed pistol license.

I am in the military/recently out of the military.  I was told that, because of my service, I do not have to take a class.

This is not true.  Regardless of your military experience, you must take the entire 8 hour Michigan Concealed Carry course in order to apply for a concealed carry license in Michigan.

I just moved here from out of state.  I have a concealed carry license from my former state.  Do I have to take the class?

The moment you establish residency in Michigan – which is basically the moment you apply for your Michigan Drivers License – your Concealed Pistol License from any other state becomes invalid.   You may NOT carry concealed with a carry license from another state once you establish residency in Michigan.

Typically the State of Michigan requires 6 months residency prior to allowing you to apply for a concealed carry permit.  HOWEVER, if you have a valid concealed carry permit from any other state, this 6 month waiting period is waived.

My friends have someone who can do the class in half the time you do.  Why would I want to take your eight hour class?

Well, mostly because it is against the law to take anything less.  The State of Michigan has strict requirements for the content of the class and it is based on an 8 Hour class content outline.  If you take an “expedited” course, please understand that this is against the law and could result in a felony for you and for the instructor.  Do your homework and choose your education wisely.  Your life, safety and security is on the line.  Don’t sell yourself short.

I don’t have a gun.

You do not need to be a gun owner in order to take and complete our class.  We have plenty of handguns available for your use in order to complete the class.  They are free to use, however you are responsible for purchasing the ammunition needed to complete the class.  Ammunition must be purchased at the range on the day of the class and runs approximately $13.

Can I bring a friends/family members gun to use?

No.  You can not legally transport a gun that is not registered to you.  If the owner of the gun is taking the class with you, you are able to utilize the gun at the range, but you may not transport a gun not registered to you for use in the class.

What caliber gun is required?

You can shoot any caliber from .22lr to .45 for the class.  There are no caliber restrictions. The only restriction is that you shoot with a handgun.

Can my spouse/children sit in?

The content of the class is not suitable for children.  If your spouse is a former student of Detroit Arms, they are more than welcome to attend the class with you – free of charge.  We only ask that you let us know they are coming so there is a seat available.

If your spouse is NOT a former Detroit Arms student, our +Plus One Rate of $50 applies for a seat to be made available to them.

Is your classroom handicap accessible?

Yes, both the classroom and range are fully handicap accessible.  Please let us know if you are in a wheelchair or need special accommodations.

I am on portable oxygen.  Is this a problem?

Yes and no.  It is not a problem in our classroom, but does present a problem at the range.  We are unable to take oxygen tanks or machines on the range.  I

I have health issues that make it so I can’t sit for long periods of time.

No worries – our open classroom format allows for you to move about the room freely throughout the course of the day.  We also have very comfortable chairs (no folding chairs here) to make sure your day is most enjoyable.  We also have evening classes that run in four hour segments, making it easier for those who are unable to attend for eight straight hours at a time.

I had a concealed carry permit before but I let it expire.  What should I do?

If your license has been expired for LESS than 12 months, you may simply reapply at the county.  You will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that you’ve completed a 3 hour review of the laws of Michigan concealed carry and that you’ve been shooting for at least an hour in the last six months.  While a renewal class is not required, we do offer one for those who do not wish to self study.  You can find the class dates and times at www.DetroitArms.com

If your license has been expired for LONGER THAN 12 MONTHS, you must take the 8 Hour Michigan Concealed Carry Class and reapply as if you were a new applicant.  The law with regard to renewing your license changed effective 12/1/15.

I have a question about a charge that will show up on my record?  Who do I call?

You should contact the Michigan State Police for clarification on how they will handle it.  You can reach them at:

Michigan State Police Headquarters
333 S. Grand Ave., P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, MI 48909-0634

If you don’t see your question answered here – please call us at 586-598-5300

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